Our Services


Our Services

Charter Schools

The Lingual Tree is a California Department of Education approved Non-Public Agency (NPA) that services charter schools in the Los Angeles Area. Our Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) and Speech-Language Pathologist Assistants (SLPAs) have met rigorous academic and professional standards to ensure competent services, including cultural responsiveness to clients/patients/families during all clinical interaction.

Speech-Language services include screening, evaluating, diagnosing and treating students with articulation/phonology, expressive, receptive, and fluency disorders in individualized and group settings. Our SLPs prepare and conduct initial, annual, re-evaluation, and triennial Individual Education Programs (IEPs) by collaborating with special education team and in accordance with district procedures.  
Our SLPs develop and attend SSPTs meetings to address educational concerns related to speech-language therapy. During Response to Intervention (RtI) process, our SLPs and SLPAs collaborate with parents and other school professionals to identify children with disabilities and to provide needed instruction and counseling to struggling students in general and special education settings.
We are expanding and working on providing multidisciplinary team which include school psychologists, Occupational therapist (OT), and School Counselor.  

In-Home Speech Therapy

The Lingual Tree provides in-home speech and language therapy services to address speech and language delays in children. 

Focus Areas

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